How it Works

How It Works

To commission a custom portrait please contact Alysha via email at

Select a size and medium for your portrait. Click here to view the size and price chart.

Choose the photograph you want painted and email it to me. Choose a photograph that best captures your pet’s personality but also provides clear detail, especially on and around their face. You may also send additional images that you feel help show your pets personality, I helps me ‘get to know them’.

You would then receive an invoice email that provides a proof for the final composition. This would show any cropping of your photograph and provide reference images for any background customization or image changes*.

*Additional charges may apply for background customization or image changes.

If you are commissioning a painting you will receive 3 updates via email

  1. The rough pencil sketch
  2. The rough paint layout
  3. A proof of the final detailed painting


If you are commissioning a drawing you will receive 2 updates via email

  1. The rough pencil Sketch
  2. A proof of the final detailed drawing


Upon your approval the finished artwork will be shipped based on the shipping price stated on your invoice.

I’d love to hear from you! If you are happy with your final artwork please send me a note for my testimonials page!

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