About Paws In Paint!

Welcome to Paws in Paint! My name is Alysha and I am honored to provide proud pet parents with original hand done paintings and drawings of their furbabies.

I am passionate about both animals and art. As the mother of two rescued, feline furbabies I know just how much four legged family members can steal your heart, inspire you, provide comfort and protection, and add love and pure joy to your life.  For this reason, animals have always been my favorite subject to draw and paint.

With each portrait I strive to create an image that not only depicts your pet’s physical likeness but also captures their unique personality and portrays the unconditional love that shines in their eyes.




Giving Back to the Community

Alysha is honored to donate 10% of your purchase to one of the following organizations. Just pick one of the options below and mention it in your email.


Guiding Eyes for the Blind

NY Pet Rescue

Humane Society of Westchester

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